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22 February, 2018 – HL Language and Literature posted.

21 February, 2018 – HL Mathematics posted.

1 November, 2017 – Articles posted: Post-IB Read: Not a Good Paper and Post-IB Read: Lead-Up and Actual Results. Updated UCAS: A Walkthrough to elaborate on how SJI assists in and organises the application process.

1 October, 2017 – HL Literature posted.

6 September, 2017 – SL French Ab Initio posted. Please also note that completed applications can now be submitted to UCAS.

13 August, 2017 – Please note that registration for the LNAT is open.

12 August, 2017 – Please note that registration for the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing 2017 is open. Tests include the BMAT, the TSA Oxford, the PHIL, and more. This is especially relevant for those applying to certain courses at Oxbridge, and those applying for Medicine. Here for registration details and more information.

4 August, 2017 – We’ve added a new series to our #StudyWithMe section! Articles posted: Journey to the IB – Pink.

19 June, 2017 – US Applications – Deadlines posted. Calendar of key dates created.

28 May, 2017 – We’ve branched out with a new #StudyWithMe section we’re excited to share. Articles posted: The June Holidays – Melanie Chng and The June Holidays – Sophia Goh. Also, SL Geography and SL Chemistry.

11 May, 2017 – Updates made to the LNAT: Law National Aptitude Test article.

8 May, 2017 – Articles posted: BMAT: BioMedical Admissions TestLNAT: Law National Aptitude Test and HL History.

5 May, 2017 – UCAS: A Walkthrough posted.

1 May, 2017 – Articles posted: HL Economics and HL Biology.

19 April, 2017 – Our ask.fm page is up.

18 April, 2017TOK Essay article posted.

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