This category’s hard to describe, but essentially it’s dedicated to study-, school life- and IB prep-related topics, including (but by no means limited to) scheduling tips, advice on stress, and useful resources that aren’t necessarily subject-specific.

Our articles under this category thus far:

The June Holidays

Testimony-style advice and possible suggestions on how to make the most out of the June Holidays.

  • Here‘s an article by Melanie Chng, great especially for those who prefer more flexibility in their schedules. She also talks about how she managed to pull her grade up for her weakest subject to a 7 (the subject being SL Econs, and the highest grade she’d gotten for that prior to Prelims being a 4).
  • This one‘s by Sophia Goh, who advises a calm approach and a good balance in the way you spend your time in June. Sneak a peak into some HL Biology and SL Economics study tips. She adopts a more subject-based approach in her scheduling advice, to explain how she personally made time for each subject during the month-long holiday. (It’s hard to explain what this article’s about because it touches on a variety of useful things to consider for the June Holidays; best to give it a read yourself.)

Journey to the IB

Let’s talk your mental health. The IB is a huge exam, and as much as we all know there are tons of other paths to success, there’s no denying that the bulk of us definitely feel its weight of importance. Maybe it seems like everyone around you is managing better than you are. Maybe you have frantic dreams every other night. Maybe you’re so anxious you’ve reached the point of caring-but-not-caring. Maybe everyday is you trying to get your sh*t together or convincing yourself that you’re doing okay even though you’ve broken down a few times already and wake up feeling like you’d never fallen asleep.

We get you. So here are some of our stories and messages to you so you know you aren’t totally alone.

IMPORTANT: The following testimonies are extremely personal. We ask that you please respect, and not undermine, them, as it is not easy to share some of what we’re about to say.

Post-IB Reads

Please read the disclaimer on each post in full before proceeding. They’re the same for both posts, and essentially say: Best consumed post-IB.