HL / SL Art

Introduction As an art student who had to balance multiple CAS commitments, taking HL Art was definitely a challenge. When considering my subject choices, I underestimated the amount of time and effort it required. You won’t know how much work you have until 6 months in, when you’re knee-deep in work and you question, for … Continue reading HL / SL Art


Explained: A Liberal Arts Education

Introduction The Liberal Arts: For the ones who: can’t make up their minds; haven’t made up their minds; or are tired of having their minds made up for them. I found myself in all three categories. The general Singaporean crowd has yet to be familiarised with this system of education. When hearing of “the liberal arts” … Continue reading Explained: A Liberal Arts Education

TOK Essay

Introduction Hello would-be TOK Essay writer! Here’s what I did to tackle this seemingly impossible essay; hopefully you'll find some of this insight helpful! Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Choosing a question Refrain from immediately gravitating towards the easiest-sounding question. Instead, devote at least a small amount of time to engaging with each question. This is best done … Continue reading TOK Essay

TOK Presentation

Introduction Simply put, the TOK Presentation is meant to be a thorough dissection of a Real Life Situation (RLS) through various lenses you can put on to understand the situation. You are required to take a RLS → extract questions related to the situation → come up with an overarching Knowledge Question (KQ) based on … Continue reading TOK Presentation