US Applications – Deadlines

Introduction Unlike UK admissions, US application deadlines vary based on college, so it is crucial to visit the college’s website to find out the deadline. This article lists deadlines of popular colleges. Arranged alphabetically. Deadlines are by 2359 of either your own time zone or your school’s time zone, whichever is later. All submissions are … Continue reading US Applications – Deadlines

SL Chemistry

Introduction I’ll be honest: Chemistry is not my favourite Science, which was one of the reasons why I took it at Standard Level. Even so, it is a rewarding subject that is completely manageable if you put in some effort. The following is my take on it, which may or may not be relevant to … Continue reading SL Chemistry

SL Geography

Introduction SL Geography – one of my favourite subjects in IB and definitely one of my better subject choices. In the 'O' Level, I’d say the subject was pretty evenly split between Human and Physical Geog, but in IB, there is definitely a much heavier emphasis on Human Geog. Geog is definitely one of the subjects that I’d say … Continue reading SL Geography

HL Economics

Introduction a.k.a. My Rant Zone **You can skip this whole chunk if you want because it’s just me being angst then feeling triumphant, so in other words it’s a bit of a waste of your time (but felt great for me). HL Economics – the bane of my IB existence. Everyone was all, “Econs is … Continue reading HL Economics