Dear Josephians,

Welcome to A Shield of Green & White! This site is run semi-anonymously by a small team hoping to provide you some form of guidance in re The Seemingly-Ominous-But-Actually-Rewarding-And-Totally-Survivable IBDP in SJI Senior Section. Oh, and the even more daunting University, Career Path and General Future that’ll follow!

We’re kidding. It’s not so bad – we’ll try our best to create content that’ll give you a little bit of clarity. A clearing in the woods, you know? Baby steps.

One but many,

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This is an alumni-run site created with the aim of providing guidance to current IB students in SJI. We are not claiming to be experts, and our views are not representative of those of the school’s.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to studying, to taking the IB, or to approaching university decisions. Although we provide tried-and-tested content from reliable sources (who we credit), please note that our word should not be taken for universal gospel. Articles provided, and suggestions made, are based on the personal experiences of students who’ve completed the IB. They are testimonies and potential guidelines, not sacred truths.

We trust in your sense of judgement to decide on what you feel you can take away from our content – what works for you personally, and what doesn’t. Work with a method you deem the best.

Lastly, this website serves to provide advice to students, and should not be used as sole reference material or cited in academic work. (Obviously.)

The team is currently looking for header images (1240 × 400 pixels) and logo designs (square, at least 512 x 512 pixels) because this site looks completely drab without colour. Due credit will be given. Please send your submissions to us at ashieldofgreenandwhite@gmail.com.

The current header image is from SJI’s official Flickr album.